About the CEC

The Career Exploration Center (CEC) supports undergraduate students who are exploring their major, career, and/or academic goals.

We assist students in gathering information, personal insight, and experiences that: 

  • are based on their interests, values, and skills
  • help them explore their options 
  • provide direction in planning the next steps in their career journey

The CEC stands in solidarity with our Black students, families, and colleagues who continue to be impacted by systemic racism and police brutality. Your lives, experiences, and dreams matter – today, tomorrow, always. Our offices strive to create inclusive spaces where all individuals feel safe and supported. To this end, we will continue to educate ourselves and challenge the structures of white supremacy that are inherent in our society. We understand that words alone are not enough; we must take meaningful action, on both a personal and institutional level, to dismantle systems of injustice and inequity wherever they occur. We are here to listen, to learn, and to advocate for a just world that values the dignity and humanity of our Black communities.

About the CEC

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Our Mission

We empower all undergraduate students to strategically explore their career and academic options.

Our Vision

Strategic exploration is a central component of UW-Madison undergraduates’ career development.

Our Values

The Career Exploration Center’s work and interactions with students and colleagues is guided by the following values: inclusion, collaboration, agency, innovation, and a person-centered approach. 

  • Inclusion: We respect all individuals and welcome them to bring their unique experiences, perspectives, and identities to our work. 
  • Collaboration: We work with campus partners to provide holistic, well-informed advising and resources.
  • Agency: We support students in developing the skills necessary to strategically explore academic and career options, as well as set and achieve relevant goals.
  • Innovation: We innovate and evolve in keeping with industry trends and advising best practices. 
  • Person-centered approach: We encourage students to bring their whole selves to the exploration process, guided by their unique needs and goals.

Is the CEC the right place for me?

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I need help figuring out what I can and want to do with a certain major

Yes, the CEC can help! Schedule an Appointment to meet with a CEC advisor.

I need help exploring my major and career options

Yes, we can help! Schedule an Appointment to meet with a CEC advisor.

I am interested in taking a personality/interest test (otherwise known as a career assessment).

Maybe. The CEC is a place to start the conversation about if an assessment may be appropriate, and about which one would be best for you. Schedule an Appointment to meet with one of our advisors.

I need help picking classes, creating a schedule, or declaring a major

Please visit your academic advising office. If you are a Cross-College Advising Service student click here for more information on talking to an advisor.

I need help with my resume, cover letter, job, or internship search.

Not the CEC. You should visit your home school/college’s career services office.