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What questions can the CEC help students answer?

  • Who can help me figure out what to do with my life?
  • What kinds of careers are right for me? What can I do to find this out?
  • Where can I take a “career test”?
  • What are employers looking for?
  • What majors are available at the University that match my skills, interests, and values?

What are other reasons to refer a student to the CEC?

  • They were not accepted to their first-choice major and they need to explore other options.
  • They are reassessing their interests and skills, and want to explore career paths outside their discipline.
  • They are desiring to switch their major and/or add a double major or certificate.

Are career assessments available for students?

The Career Exploration Center offers a variety of career assessments. Career assessment tools can help students learn more about their preferences, interests, and skills, and can provide students a starting point for major and career exploration.

All assessments are available for UW-Madison undergraduate students to take free of charge as the Career Exploration Center covers any fees. Some assessments, however, do require students to meet with a CEC career advisor.


Request a presentation or workshop

The Career Exploration Center can provide programming generally on the CEC and exploring majors and careers or programming on a specific topic. Programming options could include Choosing Your Major Workshops, Exploring Careers Regardless of Major Workshops, Parallel Planning Workshops, Informational Class Visits, and more.

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