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The Career Exploration Center is the leading campus resource for UW-Madison undergraduates who are looking to explore major and career options. Our office provides a variety of tools to help students examine their interests, values, strengths, and skills, so they can make informed decisions about their major and career paths.

CEC SOAR Peers will work in a dynamic environment with the primary goal of representing the Career Exploration Center (CEC) at the 2024 Student Orientation, Advising, and Registration (SOAR) Resource Fair.

CEC SOAR peers will operate the CEC table at each SOAR resource fair (dates included below). In this role, peers will be responsible for communicating clearly, kindly, and knowledgeably with SOAR students and their guests (parents, family members, other guests). As the “face” of the CEC, peers will help SOAR students and their guests understand who the CEC is, and how the CEC can help them strategically explore career and major interests throughout their undergraduate career. CEC peers will primarily work alongside fellow peers, with frequent support from CEC professional staff, and always alongside professional staff from across campus.

CEC peers will develop a strong network of professional acquaintances throughout campus, will sharpen their communication skills, will learn to operate efficiently as part of a team, will engage with diverse audiences, and will develop extensive knowledge of UW career services.

This position is ideal for students who are interested in developing the skills mentioned above or gaining experience/insight into what it’s like working in higher education, marketing/communication/PR/strategic communication roles, client relations, communicating with diverse folks (healthcare, retail, advising/counseling, other human-centered work) and more!

Compensation is $14/hour.

A resume and short cover letter (1 page or less) describing your interest in the role are due by May 31st, 2024.

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Minimum qualifications:

  • Current, degree-seeking undergraduate student
  • At least one semester at UW-Madison in progress/completed at time of application
  • Continuing student status for the Fall 2024 semester

 Students eligible for hire will demonstrate an interest in developing:

  • Strong interpersonal communication, listening, and customer service skills
  • Ability to handle multiple tasks and problem-solve in the moment
  • Willingness to learn, ask questions, and seek information
  • Interest in interacting with students, parents/guests, and supporting career services and SOAR staff
  • Commitment to creating an inclusive environment for students, guests, and colleagues
  • Ability to self-reflect and grow from feedback

Job Duties & Responsibilities

Position duties:

  • Represent the CEC in a professional and friendly manner to all SOAR students and guests
  • Provide excellent customer service to diverse audiences; communicate effectively to:
    • Provide information about Career Exploration Center advising and resources
    • Promote the CEC as an excellent “early and often” resource to support students’ career development
    • Promote the value of strategic exploration
    • Promote the value of frequent engagement with CEC and UW career services
  • Gather and accurately track student and guest contact information
  • Routinely interact with CEC professional staff and other UW career services and SOAR professional staff, welcome feedback & coaching from these staff 
  • Responsible for setting up/taking down resource fair table materials
  • Routinely and proactively communicate with CEC supervisor
  • Participate in ongoing trainings

Compensation: $14/hour

Time Commitment

Required Dates/Times:

In-person training will take place on Friday, May 31st from 12:30-3:30 pm AND Monday, June 3rd from 1:30-3:30 pm. 

CEC SOAR Peers must be able to work most of the SOAR Resource Fair dates listed below. Flexibility will be granted on an as-needed basis for absences, not to exceed 4 absences total.  

The SOAR Resource Fair takes place from 4:10-5:30pm on the dates below. CEC SOAR Peers will work from 3:45-5:30 pm each shift. Preference will be given to applicants who can commit to all/most dates. 

2024 SOAR Dates 

  • Monday, June 3rd 
  • Tuesday, June 4th 
  • Wednesday, June 5th 
  • Thursday, June 6th 
  • Monday, June 10th 
  • Tuesday, June 11th 
  • Wednesday, June 12th 
  • Thursday, June 13th 
  • Monday, June 24th 
  • Tuesday, June 25th 
  • Wednesday, June 26th 
  • Thursday, June 27th 
  • Monday, July 8th 
  • Tuesday, July 9th 
  • Wednesday, July 10th 
  • Thursday, July 11th 
  • Monday, July 15th 
  • Tuesday, July 16th 
  • Wednesday, July 17th 
  • Thursday, July 18th 
  • Monday, July 29th 
  • Tuesday, July 30th 
  • Wednesday, July 31st 
  • Thursday, August 1st 
  • Monday, August 5th 
  • Tuesday, August 6th 
  • Wednesday, August 7th 
  • Thursday, August 8th 

Resume Resources

Writing a resume can be a daunting task, and you may not know where to begin. Your campus career services offices can help! Each school and college has their own career office that will review your resume, as well as provide interview tips.

You can find your office information here:

Commitment to Diversity, Inclusion, and Social Justice:

 At the CEC, we respect, value, and celebrate the diversity of all UW-Madison students. We strive to make every student feel welcome, safe, and included. By committing ourselves to supporting and advocating for students of all identities, we hope to help foster a healthy campus environment where students can explore their interests, make decisions about majors and careers, and reach their full potential. 

We invite, welcome, and encourage applicants from across all ages, genders, races, ethnicities, sexual orientations, abilities, cities/states/countries of origin, and academic interests to apply.